Signs Of Weak Marriage Commitment

For married couples, commitment plays a very important role that should be given utmost attention. Not married couples are aware of this and they tend to just take it for granted. Being unaware of this matter makes their commitment to each other weaker and weaker everyday. So how would they know that their lack of commitment between them?

When one of them starts to complain about the very little time that they spend together and some other stuff, this is already a sign that the commitment between them is weak. Most of the time, couples do not do the things that they have done before during the first years of their marriage. As time goes by, they tend to loose interest on each other and eventually take each other for granted.

Things like dating and constant communication are just some of the things that a couple should give attention to in order to restore their strong commitment to each other. Taking your wife out on a date once a week can be of great help. It is actually a very simple thing to do and it is basically something that you’ve done before, so it wouldn’t be so hard for you to do this. And before going to sleep or when waking up, your might want to spend just a couple of minutes to talk to each other about the things concerning work, family and any other stuff.

This will help in establishing constant communication between the two of you which will also contribute in making the commitment strong.Even if you already have kids, the time that you and your partner spend together should not change. If it’s really necessary to reduce the time intended for your bonding, make sure that both of you will make the most of it.

Having kids does not mean that all the time that you both have should be spent for your kids only. There should be even a little time left for you and your partner. If anyone of you does not have time for the other, then it’s another sign of lack of commitment.

Not being able to remember special dates like anniversaries and the like can also be a sign of weak commitment. This is because when anyone of you forgets a very important date, then someone is taking the other one for granted. Thus, if both of you really want to make the marriage last, important details should always be remembered.

If there are times that the other forgets an important date but it was the first that it happened, it can be an exemption. But if the same thing applies on the next time, then there is really something wrong.

However if things really gets worst and the thought of “help save my marriage” always runs through your head, then you can consider marriage counseling. You might ask yourself “Does couples counseling work?”. This is just normal and you would never know if it really works until you try it.